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All orders for new services are automatically provisioned by our system upon receipt of payment. We'll have your service online in no time.

24/7 Support

Technical support is available 24 hours a day. If you are at the beginning of your way or the owner of a leading site in its field, our team is available around the clock to provide the necessary solutions and instructions to our customers in the quickest time possible

99% Uptime

We maintain and support high network availability by always operating on our infrastructure in the best industry datacenters with the most reliable uplinks.

SSD Storage

More than 80% of our infrastructure now consists of not SSDs, but NVMe SSDs. These are over 7x faster than SSDs, which are up to 20x faster than HDDs!

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Frequently Asked Questions

We guarantee the availability and stability of the service because our servers build from the most trusted companies with the best infrastructure in the best industry datacenters with the most reliable uplinks
In most cases, you can use a VPS as a normal computer, but you have to manually connect to the server then you have to edit files manually using a third party software , But For on Our Game Panel, you don't have to do this. You can control the server by. Doing things like modifying files, editing them, copying them,or changing the file name, and more. all of that can be done from our Game panel without having to manually connecting to the server itselfDemo Panel

email: [email protected] password: demo.

No, unfortunately at the moment we don't offer free subdomains for our customers
You can easily manage server files on our game Panel using The file manager. Do anything from uploading, deleting or modifying files. Via our file manager.
We never recommend sharing your account with others. If you need to give someone access to your server, create a sub-user for them on our game board. You can easily give them access to any features you desire, allowing for a more secure environment for managing your game server.

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Ava James~

ثقة طبعا اشتريت حساب ماين كرافت واي شي احتاجة جنت اراسلهم ويجاوبون ومتعاونين☺️

Back Later ~

ثقه ومضمون واسلوب جميل

Abdulaziz Laboudi ~

انا اشتريت حساب وسرعة ف الرد و وصول الحساب بوقت سريع